The most comprehensive range of CURRENT REGULATED Power Supply units, based on microcontroller technology.

PowerBlock2 +
The universal solution, suitable to the main part of MEROBEL’s EMP Brakes and Clutches range

PowerBlock4 +
The higher level of output current. Suitable for special coils, for the use of several devices plugged in parallel mode, or other Brakes technologies with low impedance coil (i.e. Hysteresys).

PowerBlock04 +
Ideal for higher remote control accuracy of the smallest sizes of MEROBEL’s EMP Brakes and Clutches and other Brakes technologies with high impedance coil (i.e. Hysteresys).


  • Compact & Cost effective design
  • Accurate current output control, independent of coil temperature.
  • High protection against transients, leading to high reliability in industrial environments.
Input voltage[V]24 to 35V DC24 to 30V DC24 to 35V DC
Max output current[A]24400 mAmp
Output load (resistance)[ohm]5 to 601 to 1020 to 400
Max power consumption[VA]7012040
Remote voltage control[V]0 to 10 DC0 to 10 DC0 to 10 DC
Ambient temperature[°C]+10 …. +40+10 …. +40+10 …. +40
Product reference#ME134723-00ME134826-00ME134829-00

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