Servo Worm Reducers

Servo Worm Reducers

Servo Worm Reducers


Servo-Worm Reducers were specifically developed for use with the latest servo motor technology in applications that demand precise positioning and repeatability.

These applications occur in the material handling, automation, machine tool, and robotics industries.

An optimized worm gear tooth design insures high efficiency while at the same time decreasing backlash to less than 3 arc minutes.

The modular aluminum housing design allows for easy machine integration, light weight and excellent heat dissipation. Input flanges and couplings are readily available to allow easy mounting of servo-motors. Output pinion options make the Servo-Worm Reducers ideally suited for rack and pinion axis drive applications.


  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Ratios from 2 to 24:1
  • Backlash from 3 to 6 arc-minutes
  • Torque Capacity up to 4400 Lb.Ft. (6000 NM)
  • Input Speeds up to 6000 RPM
  • Modular design compatible with rack & pinion system