Industrial Gearboxes

Industrial Gearboxes

Industrial Gearboxes Series – MVI


STANDARD RANGE: Used for balancing the speed and torque ratio on a motorized system , this range of Heavy duty Industrial gearboxes are designed for continuous operation.

Based on standard cast-iron castings, the versatile design allows to offer several options:

  • the output shafts can be supplied to rotate in the same or opposite directions
  • motor flanges can be supplied for direct motor mounting

CUSTOMIZED DESIGNS: Customized designs are available for extreme working conditions. Please consult your local supplier


STANDARD RANGE: Used as multipliers or reducers
6 Sizes 2 to 9 ratio per unit Ratio max by gear : 7.8
Power capacity: up to 220 kW
Efficiency: up to 0.98
May be mounted in any position
Output speed: up to 25 000 RPM
Power: up to 860 kW