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At Andantex USA, Inc., we are always developing & expanding our product lines to meet the demands of our customers. We will occasionally highlight these new products & developments in this section, to keep our customers aware of what’s new in our expanding product lines.

Slewing Ring Bearings

Andantex is pleased to introduce a standard and made to order range of slewing ring bearings from WMH-Herion. These bearings can be provided without drive gear, with external drive gear or with internal drive gear. Applications range from light turntables, material handling equipment, cranes, wind turbines to high precision machine tool axis. Complete ZERO-BACKLASH systems consisting of high performance planetary reducers (SRP, KRP, KRPX, and DRP), slewing ring, and lubrication systems are available from Andantex.

Ring Gears & Gear Segments

High quality, made to order ring gears and gear segments provide rotary motion to large turntables and rotating devices. External or internal, straight or helical ring gears can be made to customers drawing or designed to meet application requirements.

Ring gears and gear segments are the cousin to the industry proven Andantex racks & pinions. These components help provide rotary motion through 360˚ or reversing rotation through any angle. Gear rings can be provided with external or internal teeth as well as straight (spur) or helical. Modules 3-24 (diametral pitch 8.0 – 1.0) with diameters up to 5 meters (16.4 ft.) are standard. Ring gears and gear segments can be provided in different quality levels with the best quality vs. dimension as follows:

  • up to 1.2 meter (4’)pitch diameter– hardened & ground, 60 HRc, quality DIN 6 (~AGMA 12)
  • Up to 2 meter (6.6’) pitch diameter – precision milled, 300 BHN, quality DIN 5 (~AGMA 13)
  • Up to 5 meter (16.4’) pitch diameter – milled teeth, soft or hardened, quality DIN 8 – 12 (~AGMA 10 – 6)

Components are made to customer print or engineered to meet the application. Complete systems including ring gear/segment, precision reducer, pinion, and automatic lubrication are available from Andantex.

Flexxpump Automatic Relubrication System

A new high performance system to automatically lubricate racks and pinions, open gearing, linear guideways, ballscrews, and chain drives is available from Andantex, USA. A compact automatic relubrication unit, Flexxpump, that delivers grease (400 cc) or oil (500 cc) to the item being lubricated through a piston pump with programmable time period (up to 36 months) and delivery rate is combined with tubing and open cellular polyurethane (P.U.) foam applicators for chain and open gearing drives. Three new greases were developed specifically for optimum lubrication of gearing, linear slides, ballscrews, and food industry environments. The greases provide the correct mix of viscosity, adhesive additives, and corrosion resistance for the specific component being lubricated. The PU foam applicators allow the lubricant to be supplied or absorbed to insure the correct film thickness for optimum lubrication. All in all a compact cost effective system that helps insure long life of lubricated components.

New Rack & Pinion Products

Andantex is pleased to announce three new products that extend the standard Modular Rack & Pinion Product Line.

TWO METER long hardened & ground racks, quality DIN 6h25 (~AGMA 12) are now available in modules 2 – 8 (DP 12.7 – 3.18) with straight (spur) or helical teeth. TWO METER lengths mean fewer racks on long axis speeding up assembly and improving quality.

SUPER PRECISION RACKS hardened & ground to quality DIN 4h21 (~AGMA 14) attain index error of < 0.0006″/Ft. SUPER PRECISION RACKS for applications requiring nearly zero mechanical error are available in modules 2 through 10 in lengths up to 1 meter.

simplify rack and rail mounting by connecting the rail directly to the rack and then fixing the rack & rail on the machine. Standard racks in modules 2 – 4 with straight or helical teeth combine with standard rail sizes 15 – 30. Rails are assembled by Andantex at 90 degrees or 180 degrees away from rack teeth. All standard products are readily available and cost effective because they are manufactured to forecasts in economically efficient quantities.

PDP – Preloaded Double Pinions

Eliminates rack and pinion backlash.

The Preloaded Double Pinions, PDP, from Redex Andantex is designed to provide a cost effective method of eliminating backlash between the rack and pinion in high precision linear motion applications. The PDP is made of two ground WMH pinions, each 1/2 the width of the rack, connected together through a patented coupling, preload system that cancels the backlash between rack and pinion providing a competitive alternative to ball screw drive systems.

The preload torque of the PDP is easily adjusted and the units are equipped with an ISO 9409-1 flange for adapting to speed reducers. Redex Andantex combines the PDP with SRP High-Tech Planetary reducers where it provides a total system backlash < 1 arc-minute, high torsional rigidity and high tilting moment capacity. In fact the SRP-PDP sub-assembly offers 10 to 20% higher rigidity than competitive alternatives. Furthermore, this arrangement can eliminate the need for two electrically preloaded planetary reducers in certain applications.

The PDP is offered with straight (spur) or helical gears in modules from 3 to 8 and accepts speeds up to 1200 RPM. Torque capacity ranges from 55 – 1900 NM depending on the size and preload torque setting. When mounted on the SRP other features include eight reduction ratios, in line or right angle versions, and complete solutions including reducer, PDP, rack and automatic rack lubrication systems. The input interface is adapted for direct mounting of the servo-motor.

SRP High Tech Planetary Reducer

SRP reducers are designed to be an integrated machine sub-assembly consisting of a minimum backlash, hardened and ground REDEX planetary gear train, high capacity tapered roller bearing supported ISO 9409 output flange and input flanges allowing universal servo-motor mounting. A High quality spiral bevel gear train is available as an option for right angle requirements. SRP is the ultimate high-tech servo reducer providing the superior torsional and radial stiffness minimum backlash and excellent torque density required for precision motion control applications. Available in 5 sizes, with optional output pinions for transmitting torques up to 4000 lbs.

KRPX – High-Tech Planetary Reducer

KRPX is the latest evolution of Redex-Andantex rack & pinion dedicated planetary reducers. The KRPX is cost effective, easy to implement, high performing solution for moving column and gantry machines.

KRPX incorporates a massive rigid housing that can be side mounted directly to the column of the machine tool. There is no longer a need for the machine designer to fabricate additional brackets or a larger casting for the machine base thereby saving time and cost. Ground mounting surface, keyway normal to rack, 8 oversized mounting holes and 2 positioning pins insure easy installation and rigid mounting.

Two KRPX units are combined together to provide a ZERO-BACKLASH electrically preloaded TwinDRIVE kit that is the new benchmark on demanding machine tool applications. The combination of a rigid housing and the one-piece output pinion technology invented by Redex-Andantex offers exceptional rigidity characteristics insuring the highest compound stiffness on rack (SOR) for the demanding requirements of machine tool axes.

The KPRX is very compact and is available in 3 standard universal sizes 2, 3, and 4, with ratios from 5 to 91.

Preloaded Rack & Pinion Drive Systems – DRP+/KRP+

For axis drive applications requiring high accuracy positioning on CNC machine tools, these systems effectively eliminates the backlash between the rack & pinion by using two pinions – one to drive the axis and one to preload the axis to eliminate the backlash. Eliminating the system backlash preserves accurate axis positioning during the transition period between acceleration/steady state and deceleration, when the rack & pinion flank contact and load reverses direction.

  • DualDRIVE (Mechanical Preload)
  • TwinDRIVE (Electrical Preload)

Servo-Worm Reducers – AE

This line of servo-worm reducers was specifically developed for use with the latest servo motor technology in applications that demand precise positioning and repeatability. These applications often occur in the Material Handling, Automation, CNC Machine Tool & Robotics industries.

These reducers are available in six sizes, with ratios from 2 to 24:1 and output torque capacities to 4,400 lb.ft. The units provide an angular backlash of les than 6-arc minutes standard and 3-arc minuets on request. The lightweight modular design provides easy integration with the modular rack & pinion system.

Modular Rack and Pinion System

This system consists of a standard range of straight, circumferential pitch, and helical racks and pinions. The modular design permits rack lengths from 0.5 meters to 2 meters to be linked end-to-end achieving any desired travel length from standard components.Rack & pinions are available with different materials, heat treatments and quality levels to ensure the correct balance of power, precision, and price to meet application requirements.

The standard range is available in modules, M, 1.0 to 10.0 ( Diametral pitch, P25.4 to 2.54) with lengths up to 2 meters allowing loads from 1 lb. to 100,000 lbs. to be moved at speeds from 0 to 1000ft/min (5 M/s). Rack lengths up to 4 meters (2 meters with ground teeth) and modules up to 20 are available on request.

“Built-In” RAM-MSD 2-Speed Gearboxes

RAM-MSD 2-Speed Gearboxes augment the latest spindle drive-motor technology by providing high torque at low speed. These units mount in-line between the water-cooled motor and the spindle inside of the machine tool’s ram. Features include a water cooled housing, a hollow-through bore, low backlash, and high-quality planetary gearing to insure low vibration, quiet and cool operation.

To insure proper selection, please consult the factory. If you have any questions regarding the information provided here or require more information, please call at (800) 713-6170 or e-mail us. Our Sales and Engineering departments are ready to help you with your specific power transmission needs.